Cardo SHO-1 Shoei Comm System


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SHO-1 Communication System (Single or Dual) for Shoei Helmets

The Cardo SHO-1 is custom designed for SHOEI helmets. This premium communication system includes a replaceable battery and is seamlessly designed to offer SHOEI users maximum comfort and functionality. Connect to 8 additional riders up to 1mile range, use the Music Sharing feature or connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone, MP3 or GPS. 

The Cardo SHO-1 DUO, includes 2 pre-paired units.

Within a 1 mile/1.6 Km* range, you can connect with 8 additional riders, have a 4-way or 2-way full-duplex intercom conference call. Using the Music Sharing feature you and your passenger can enjoy the same great tunes while you ride.

Pair your SHO-1 via Bluetooth with up to two mobile phones simultaneously, stream music via A2DP or MP3, connect to your GPS and enjoy the built in FM radio. All hands free!
Keep your software updated using the Cardo Community social web platform or even join riding tours. When on-the-go, customize settings using the Cardo SmartSet app, available free for Android and iOS mobile devices.

*Results may vary according to terrain.

The Cardo SHO-1 was custom designed to suit your SHOEI premium helmet* and includes a replaceable battery for those extra-long rides.


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