6D ATS-1 Carbon Street Helmet


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ATS-1 Carbon Street Helmet


In development for nearly 3 years, the ATS-1 is the first street helmet to incorporate ODS technology. The goal was to build the safest street helmet in the category while providing the rider with features superior to those found within the most premium helmets out there. Exceptional energy management capability was known and guaranteed, but engineering the shield, shell design, interior liner amenities, and air-flow management system, was a challenge that had to be completed without compromise. We think you will agree that the ATS-1 exceeded these goals with flying colors!   


The 6D ATS-1 is certified to exceed US DOT FMVSS 218 (United States), ECE 22.05 (47 Countries World-Wide), AS 1698 (Australia) and ACU (United Kingdom) standards.



The 6D ATS-1 helmet incorporates an advanced air flow

management system designed to provide adjustable air flow throughout the entire helmet. This air flow system aids in heat and moisture evacuation from within the helmet’s interior area providing a cooler and safer environment during extreme riding conditions.

4 adjustable intake ports channel fresh air into the helmet where it is managed by a network of 15 transfer ports and 5 exhaust ports to keep the air moving.



Engineered to provide maximum functionality and ease of use,

the face shield incorporates a lock-down lever that doubles to

provide incremental ventilation when needed. 10 distinctive ratchet

positions offer a setting for every riding possibility, and our

articulating pivot ensures a snug fit to the shell when closed.  Shield changes are easy and quick requiring no tools and the ATS-1

includes a clear 100% MAX VISION® PINLOCK® anti-fog insert.  A beveled top edge improves laminar flow onto the helmet’s surface reducing buffeting and wind noise, while the shield’s flat surface

accepts accessory tear-offs for race applications. All shields are treated for anti-scratch inside and out, provide UV protection, and distortion free vision. (Exceeds VESC-8 standards)



Removable and washable, the 6D ATS-1 comfort liner is as advanced as our helmet! Convertible for warm weather riding by simple removal of the rear neckroll cuff, the air flow characteristics can be significantly altered.  High-tech fabrics mated to CAD designed internal padding provide superior comfort, noise suppression, and moisture dissipation. Recess pockets provide room for internal speaker installation. Available in multiple sizes for a customizable fit.

Air Intakes - Sculpted adjustable intakes direct air into the chin, brow, and crown regions of the helmet and are easily operated with gloves on.

Aerodynamic Wing - Advanced CAD design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency reducing drag, buffeting, and lift at higher speeds while simultaneously increasing negative air pressure under the wing to assist scavenging air out of the helmet

Exhaust Vents - Optimally positioned top, side, and rear exhaust vents take advantageof the negative-pressure effects of air traveling over the helmet’s surface to aid internal air circulation. Exhaust vent covers reduce wind noise and increase the venturi effect.

Convertible Neckroll Cuff - Exposes the rear air-gap for maximum warm weather riding comfort.

Eyewear Compatible  - Comfort liner accommodates most designs of glasses.

Integrated Speaker Pockets

Articulating Pivot  -  Compact and efficient in design, provides 10 effective micro adjustments of the shield while also seating the shield securely against the eyeport trim to ensure a wind and rain-proof seal. Provides quick and easy shield changes with no tools required.

Locking Shield Lever - Securely locks the shield in the closed position, or cracks open for ventilation.

Rear Delta Vent  - Aids heat transfer and comfort by scavenging air from within the helmet.

3K Carbon Fiber Shell Layup  - Advanced proprietary blend of aerospace carbon is remarkably strong, yet extremely light. 

3 Shell Sizes - Optimizes the size and weight ratio of the helmet while ensuring great fit for all head sizes XS - XXL.

Adjustable Crown Intake Vent

Adjustable Brow Intake Vent

Internal Brow Vents - Pulls air across the inside of the shields’ surface to aid cooling and fogging dissipation.

Pinlock® MAX VISION® Shield

System -Delivers the most effective fog free performance available.

Anti-Scratch Shield  - Premium shield protection on both inner and outer surfaces.

Internal Breath Guard - Channels fresh air up the inside of the shield, while exhausting breath down and out to reduce fogging.

Adjustable Chin Bar Intake Vent

Removable Chin Cuff

EPS Lined Chin Bar - Provides added protection

MSRP $895.



  • Patented Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) Technology
  • 3K Carbon Fiber Shell Lay-up
  • Aerodynamic CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Aided Shell Design
  • 3 Shell Sizes
  • Aggressive Air Management System
  • Exclusive Articulating Shield Pivot
  • Micro (10 Position) Shield Adjustment
  • Locking Shield Lever
  • Pinlock® Max Vision® Included
  • 4 Air Intakes
  • EPS Lined Chin Bar
  • Rear Delta Vent
  • Aerodynamic Wing
  • 5 Exhaust Vents
  • Removable / Washable Comfort Liner
  • Internal Breath Guard
  • Removable All-Weather Chin Cover
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Emergency Release Cheek Pads
  • Exceeds ECE and DOT standards
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

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