Touch Up Direct EcoSpray Aerosol Spray Paint


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Rattle can or professional paint job? Be prepared to answer that question many times as this rather simple looking spray can delivers truly professional grade results (dependent on user skill, of course) thanks to it's perfect mix of paint, reducer and propellant. The convenient EcoSpray paint offers the best coverage, creates the smoothest paint film and provides the finest aerosol paint job, bar none.


Requires Clear Coat to achieve that perfect finish, and Primer should be used for deep scratches (to the bare metal or plastic).


We have developed the following packages to make your life easier:


Essential Package - The most popular package, includes one jar of the exact oem color match for your vehicle, and one jar of factory quality clear coat.


Preferred Package - Great for repairing deep scratches, this package is the same as above, but includes our high-build, fast drying, low VOC (the environment will thank you), specially formulated Primer. Also includes a Wax/Grease removing handy-wipe to clean the surface, and a pair of latex gloves to keep yourself clean.


Platinum Package - For true professionals, and perfectionists, this kit includes everything in the Preferred Package along with; a Tack Cloth to eliminate traces of dust and dirt, a professional grade scuff pack to sand and prep the surface, and a our custom formulated polishing compound that ensures a deep smooth finish.


Make sure to enter your Make/Model/Year, and color in the text box after you make your package selection.

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