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The absolute pinnacle in performance tire warmers!


EVO TRI ZONE - Maximum level model used from Worldwide Championship teams.

Our latest evolution of the top of the line EVO TRI ZONE tire warmers sees us  integrating the rim in the tire warmer, creating a tire warmer that warms the rim!


Featuring an integrated 3rd heat panel that goes 1 step further than before; right past the rim edge, and all the way around the circumference right up to the spokes. This completely heats the outer portion of your wheels - which stops the metal of your wheel from pulling heat away from your tires, and actually reverses the process - allowing the metal to keep putting heat into the tires!


Used by top level championship winning teams at all levels of competition, from MotoGP, WSBK, WSS, BSB, MOTOAMERICA, and more.


Made with a Nomex fabric (interior & exterior) with our new TDH (Total Diffusion Heater) fabric core. These tire warmers feature 2 independently managed heating areas, complete with sensors managed by a central control unit ensuring a completely even temperature across the entire surface of the tire.


This eliminates a common problem with conventional tire warmers where the top of the tire would always be the warmest and the bottom the coldest - leading to a loss of consistency and stability on track. Our intelligent design allows for peak temperatures (controllable) of up to 130° Celsius.


Custom colors and logos can be added to the EVO TRI ZONE Tire Warmers upon request (additional fee applies).  S and M size are available as a special order.


Technical Data:

  • Black Aramid Nomex fabric.
  • Adjustable temperature range up to 130° Celsius
  • Double thermo-reflective layers.
  • Transversal and longitudinal electric layout.
  • Aramid Nomex fabric in contact with tyre and heating element.
  • Velcro closure on the orange tie with black silicon control unit.
  • TT embroidery on the external cloth in 2 positions.
  • Elastic stretcher on conformed miniskirt and in relief on the electrical part to ease the assembly.
  • Current: 115V (for US plugs - if you need these for European plug styles, please let us know!).
  • Power usage: Front Tire Warmer - 400W; Rear Tire Warmer: 600W.
  • Temperature control with the electronic unit and probe.
  • Carbon Fiber resistors with an aluminum diffuser.
  • 1.8m bipolar cable.


Available in multiple sizes:

TE_EVO_DZS_S S 120 On request
TE_EVO_DZS_M M 160 On request
TE_EVO_DZS_XL XL 190/200

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