Furygan Legend Leather Jacket


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Main external material : high end "Douglas" leather, super soft for premium comfort.

Our passion for leather craftsmanship, modelling and following our inspiration daily, has given birth to the Legend. A vintage inspired jacket made with great care to detail, from the lining to the smallest leather panel is a genuine testament to our know-how and passion.

Care Instructions:

- Always let your garment air dry after use. Never sun-dry it or put it directly in contact with a heating source as it could damage the leather.
- Do not store your jacket in a bag or in an airtight container. Humidity can damage the garment.
- Clean your garment on a regular basis (once a month) with a damp sponge and mild detergent (i.e. household soap). Let air dry and then wipe with a soft cloth soaked with cleansing milk (i.e. baby cleansing milk) to nourish the leather, preserve its flexibility and avoid premature drying of the material.
- If required you can wash the inside of your garment as follows:

  • Remove all the protectors as well as the removable thermal insert.
  • Fasten the zips and velcro.
  • Hand-wash your jacket inside out with a mild detergent and tepid water (30°c).
  • Slow-spin dry your garment in your washing machine, with low speed and still inside out to avoid damages on the external protection shells (600 rpm maximum).
  • Air dry in the shade, with a container below.

- To moisturise your jacket usea soft cloth and baby cleansing milk.
- In cases where the leather has dried out, use Furygan’s leather grease, available in all Furygan dealers.
- You can use a waterproofing spray on leathers as it makes the leather more resistant to water as well as to dirt.
- The NEW TEXAS / NEW TEXAS OUTLAST jackets CANNOT be moisturised. As the leather is oily and it won’t dry. To remove greasy stains, apply “Terre de Sommières”, and use a crepe rubber eraser to clean it (available in shoe repair shops).
- Removable thermal inserts can be washed in the washing machine with a wool washing liquid, on a delicate cycle, 30°c maximum and a medium spin drying (800 rpm maximum).
- No dry cleaning.

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