1998 Ducati 916 SPS (now 1026cc) - THE HOLY GRAIL - Highly Upgraded - PERFECT condition - Very Rare and Collectible!


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Anybody who knows anything about Ducati's knows that the 916 was a game changer.

Amazingly beautiful Italian design by Massimo Tamburini, the evolution of the Desmoquatro engine, and a ridiculously successful racing resume made this machine a timeless classic like the Porsche 911.

Then in walked the 916 SPS, an ultra rare, ultra high performance, ultra limited edition "homologation special" version of the 916.

Here's a quick blurb on the standard 916 SPS, of which this has moved well beyond...

"In 1997, the legendary 916SPS (Sport Production Special) was revealed, which was an altogether better machine than the SP. Released to homologate a new 996cc engine for Superbike racing, it featured new reinforced crankcases with new cylinder barrels and heads for the larger engine. Best of all, a new camshaft developed from racing experience used the same lift but a shorter duration, which increased midrange punch tremendously while retaining the wild, free-spinning character of the engine. The power qualities of this new engine made it feel stronger than horsepower numbers alone could explain, as the tremendous midrange and vicious top end made it a much more rideable motorcycle, if you had the skills (and track) to exploit its power characteristics. The press was wild about the SPS, regardless of the $24,000 price tag—50 percent more than a Strada. A total of 404 were built in 1997, all of which required a signature waiver at the point of sale that they would never be ridden on the street.

The 1998 models had a new, lighter frame with a little more flex for better handling and improved quality control under Ducati’s new owners, the Texas Pacific Group. The SPS was produced in larger numbers of around 1,000 units in this final year as demand increased for this incredible motorcycle—it may not have been the fastest machine on the track, but it was quicker than the rest with better torque, handling and feedback while riding. The stunning 1998 Ducati 916 SPS represents the best of the Desmoquatro series, with the best frame, best components, lightest weight and a usable yet absolutely wicked performance curve."

Number 278!


The paint looks like NEW!

The bike has never touched the ground, and everything is in fantastic working order!

Mileage is currently at  7,038 and may rise slightly, as I do ride her about once a month. She's fully serviced, starts instantly, and needs nothing.


With the best period correct, rare, sought after parts, thanks to a no expense spared build which includes:

  • FBF 1026cc Engine Build!!! Complete with Titanium internals, con rods, etc... puts out 155bhp at the crank, and a dyno proven 137.7HP at the wheel.
  • Full Termignoni Racing Exhaust
  • Ducati Corse Carbon Fiber Crank Case Breather in Tail
  • Ducati Performance Race ECU, everything is tuned perfectly.
  • Ohlins RT Forks
  • Marchesini Forged Magnesium Wheels (x-ray checked 300 miles ago - they are perfect)
  • Brembo Full Floating Racing Rotors
  • Carbon Fiber Airbox
  • Carbon Fiber Headlight Bucket and Fairing Stay
  • Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Swingarm Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
  • Carbon Fiber Front Fender
  • Carbon Fiber V Fairing
  • Carbon Fiber License Plate Holder
  • FBF Clip Ons
  • FBF Windshield
  • FBF Quick Change Sprocket
  • Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber Quick Release Gas Cap

Also includes all the original parts except for the original exhaust. This means that the original wheels, forks, clip ons, gas cap, etc.... are all safely packaged up in my warehouse and are included with this bike.

Also includes a book full of receipts, manuals, laminated copies of big receipts, dyno charts, etc... This bike has been babied!

Title is clean. Tires are good. Fluids are fresh. Enjoy :)


We can help with shipping or delivery, or you can simply fly in, jump on, and start your epic adventure home (or anywhere you want for that matter) today.


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