Termignoni Shotgun style Exhaust for BMW R NINET


  • Brand: Termignoni
  • Product Code: BW1408040IIA
  • Availability: In Stock

The Germans have built a fantastically fun bike to ride with the BMW R NINET, but something is missing.

Something deep, throaty, and rumbling was needed, something that removed weight and added power... something Italian.

Termignoni heard the call and has built a totally cool and unique, modular, high quality exhaust system for your machine.

Maybe you prefer a high mount exhaust today, but your lady friend prefers a low mount?

Maybe you have the money for the slip-ons today, and dreams of a full system tomorrow?

I for one love it when many problems can be answered with one solution, and this amazing sounding Termignoni Exhaust for your R NINE T is the answer!

For best results, pair with an MWR Air Filter and Rapidbike EVO or RACE adaptive fuel control module.

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