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Racing at the top of the world!

Photo credit - Jamey Price from the 2014
Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!
Ze Germans are coming!

Phil "Screamer" of Greenville SC may seem like your typical German, but once you get to
know him, he's actually a nice guy.

Like most Germans though, this man has a thing for speed, and with nothing more than a
cored out stock exhaust, MWR High Efficiency Air Filter, Bitubo XXF61 Racing Shock, and
some crash protection, picked up more than a couple impressive results in WERA on his
1199 Panigale.

His SV650 was not quite as lucky...
Before his bitubo XXF61 Shock
was installed.
Phil's matte black and red Panigale is proof that you can be on a budget and
still race a Ducati successfully.

You just have to be willing to push that much harder.
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Our 19 year old part time customer service specialist wanted to race nationally against the pro's so I sponsored his ass

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#93 Marquez
How did we convince the World
MotoGP Champion to race for
us on board a Ducati 1198 SBK?

We didn't!

This is Frank Marquez, who just
so happens to have had the
same number, and namesake.
California's own Frank Marquez has been shopping with us for years, but most
importantly, he's been kicking but on the track with his well equipped Ducati 848 (now
featuring a well built 1098 engine, actually).

This awesome machine features the following go fast bits (and more):

RAM Magnesium Swingarm! MWR Racing Air Filters! Armour Bodies Race Bodywork!
SpeedyMoto Frame Sliders! Rizoma Lever Guards! EVR's Clutch Slave!

And dozens of other trick parts, from Brembo's remote lever adjuster, to Marchesini
Forged Magnesium Wheels, Leo Vince's Full Race Exhaust, and more and more and more.

Keep up the good work Frank, don't let that Spanish impostor have all the fun ;)
UPDATE - Frank has swapped to a ZX10R with ROTOBOX WHEELS for 2015! Stay tuned!