Let us build the bike of your dreams!

That's right, now's the time to make your dreams come true by having us build the
custom motorcycle of your dreams, providing you with the ultimate in service.

Our part sourcing capabilities are unmatched in the industry, and we have plenty of
experience to help guide you in the right direction as your build progresses.

Please observe some of our custom project bikes by clicking

Whether you give us 2 weeks, or 6 months, we can manage the entire process from bike
procurement, customization, and delivery to anywhere in the world.

So whether you're looking for the lightest and fastest possible track/race bike, a wild one
off custom, a hand built Vyrus, or a show stopping beauty queen of a motorcycle, don't
hesitate to
contact us.
Almost all the SERVICE,

$90, $100, $120, $140 an hour labor rates?

Don't pay the stealership's exorbitant cracked out prices.

NOBODY deserves $140 an hour to turn a wrench - NOBODY.

We charge a kick-ass low rate of only
$55 per hour!

Why so cheap? Maybe it's because our service area is AMAZING...

Or perhaps it's simply because we ACTUALLY ENJOY WORKING ON YOUR BIKES!
Of course with a shop like this, who wouldn't love working on bikes all day!
Here's a breakdown on what we do and don't do (starting with what we don't!):

We do not offer warranty work, Ducati scheduled Services, or certain trouble
shooting/engine tear down/oem type services.
We are a performance shop built on fun, hence
our prices, so if it's a something like a crankshaft bearing or faulty gauge you need fixed, call someone else, Like:

For those, we recommend:
Irish Mike's Performance
located in Henderson
Vince Chu
located in Summerlin
For anything, and everything else, come on down!

Tire Changes (off bike):
$30 per standard wheel
$40 per carbon fiber wheel

Note - We use the No-Mar tire changer, and won't damage your rim, but we do charge
more for carbon fiber wheels due to the added stress and paranoia of the job. On bike
tire changes incur our standard labor rate. We do not perform tire changes "while you
wait" be patient, or go elsewhere.

Belt services:

We can tension or replace your belts, and we often have them in stock, ready to go
without any delay.

Installs, Removals, Customization, and Performance:

Our favorite! The sky's the limit when you choose us to help build your bike.

Whether you're looking to install a nice exhaust and ditch the EPA emissions equipment,
add a slipper clutch, upgrade your suspension, put your bike on a diet, or go all out with
one of our complete bike builds (look below), we're ready to help.
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