Looking for a NEXX XR1R helmet?

Why when the new
X.R2 is available HERE?

Already have an XR1R, and need a visor?  
Yup we still got em!
Here is our policy on all Helmets we sell:
If your Helmet doesn't fit and if it is unused, unaltered, and with all tags still attached to
the item, then we will exchange it for the proper size IF you contact us within 7 days of
receipt. You then have 30 days to ship it back to us. If you need longer then 30 days let us
know, typically it will not be an issue as long as it is kept within reason and you notify us
ahead of time.

1. We offer free initial shipping to you
2. Customer is responsible for return shipping on original order back to us for exchange
3. We will cover the the shipping on the first new exchange order back to you. The first
exchange is on us, subsequent exchanges of the same order will be $10 for US and $30
for international.
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The Pinlock system is based on three basic principles which
together, work like nothing else:

Pinlock lenses are created out of a moisture absorbing plastic.
The silicone seal on the lens creates an airtight pocket
between the shield and lens. The lens is placed between two
adjustable eccentric pins, making it easy to install or switch
lenses as weather conditions change.
1. Moisture absorbing material - Unlike the face shield, the
Pinlock insert lens is made out of a soft, porous plastic.
2. Material thickness - Because thicker material absorbs more
moisture and offers more impact protection.
3. Double lens system - The air-tight pocket in between the
Pinlock insert lens and the face shield creates an extra
insulation layer further increasing the anti-fogging properties
of the total system. Fogging up is a thing of the past!
Pinlock MAXIVISION Anti Fog System