We don't just stock thousands of dollars worth of RS Taichi products, we've been wearing them for years!
RS Taichi e-Heat Electric Heated Gear

Battery powered electric
heating gear!!  Oh yes
Taichi did that!  Using
High Spec lightweight
lithium batteries, they
have taken the old
standby of plugging
yourself in and tossed it
out the window! Its safer
because there is no
need to disconnect
yourself. Its more
efficient because you
wont forget to leave
your bike on killing your
battery! Read all about it
to the left!
Product Description

  • Carbon fiber heating unit. 
  • DRYMASTER waterproof and breathable glove insert. 
  • Heat Generator liner. 
  • Shield wiper. 
  • Wrist loop. 
  • Battery Indicator
  • Navigation touch pointer.
  • 3-Level Heat Setting color indicator on gloves (shown above)
RS Taichi e-Heat Winter Gloves
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Product Description

  • Carbon fiber wiring for the battery-powered heating unit
  • Easy to wear, easy to move & take off
  • Comes with a dedicated small Lithium-polymer battery charger (100-240v)
  • Cigarette lighter adapter is available as an option for powering the vest
  • Touch switch operates the three-stage colored LED heat setting and battery indicator
  • Currently available in Black only
RS Taichi e-Heat Inner Vest
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