Double Dog Alpha Dog Stainless Full Exhaust for the 1098/848 and Streetfighter!


The third generation in Double Dog exhausts, developed for performance gain and weight reduction for serious
track and race superbikes - the Alpha Dog continues our commitment to centralizing mass, reducing weight, and
increasing torque and horsepower.

What's the Secret?
Our previous 134 and 135DD systems removed the heavy, high up weight of the stock under seat system of the 1098
range, or the side slung location of the StreetFighter cans, and replaced it with a lightweight tuned megaphone
muffler. While this saved significant weight from the stock system we felt we could do more....and do it better. An
under belly system met our goals head on by allowing the most compact exhaust system from DDM yet. The most
significant innovation of the system is the separate inline mufflers which are fully incorporated into the header tubes
for the front and rear cylinders while still maintaining equal tubing lengths before the under swingarm join.

Power gain:
Initial feedback is a definite power and torque gain over the stock system with Dyno tests to follow shortly. Design
goals should yield an approximate 6-10 percent gain over the stock system, mainly in the mid range where you need
it most.

Performance gain:
It's not all about horsepower. Combining the Alpha Dog power gain with weight loss from high up away from the
center of mass is a performance transformation. You will feel that jump...
  • The Alpha Dog should be tuned
    after installation in any of the
    regular ways (reflashed/tuned
    ECU, Microtec ECU, Bazzaz, etc,
    either tuned on a dyno or with a
    good closed loop system).

  • The exhaust is TIG welded from
    thin wall stainless steel or
    titanium depending on the
    model, and comes with all
    stainless steel mounting
    hardware and instructions for

  • Recommended for race or track
    use. Like all race exhaust
    systems, the Alpha Dog does not
    comply with emissions and
    sound laws in some States.
Scroll down to see it mounted
on Ducati's Streetfighter!
SORRY! These are no longer available.
But we will have some used systems available on the used parts page soon
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To fit it on a Streetfighter, you will need custom Oil cooler lines made.