Our BEST PRICE guarantee:

If you find a better price on any of our competitors websites, for products from the
following brands:

CNC Racing, EVR Special Parts, Matris, Carbonvani, MOTO CORSE, RAM, Alth Brakes, QD
Exhaust, Barracuda, Oberon, DucaBike, ROTOBOX, AEM FACTORY, PROTI, RS TAICHI, HP
CORSE, Beringer Brakes, Brembo, NEXX, KALI, and ZARD

We will beat it by 5%.

We will also do our best to match, or beat any other brands of products that you
may possibly (not likely) find at a lower price on our competitors websites.

Obviously we have to verify the legitimacy of certain websites/competitors, and certain restrictions may apply, but YES, we will ALWAYS
beat the price of any "PJ's Parts, Gutsy Performance, Amazon or eBay sellers (Amazon and eBay listings must be verified as being for new
products, from sellers with quality feedback as determined by us).
Why do we offer such a promise?

The Internet makes it impossible to always have the lowest price on everything, all the time.

Monday we may be the lowest price on earth, but Tuesday some hacks running a "shop" out of
their garage (cough-Gutsy Performance and Pj's Parts-cough) may lower theirs to be one or two
dollars cheaper.

You and I both know they can't beat us, so I've decided not to bother myself with trying to watch
their constant, piddly little pricing movements, and offer a simple and straight forward guarantee
that we will always beat Gutsy Performance, and PJ's Parts pricing, along with nearly (haven't
found one I can't beat yet, but who knows...) any other competitor on earth.

This freedom from watching the rodents of the internet parts world allows all of us here at
BellissiMoto to keep focused on you, the customer, because you really do matter most!
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